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August 12, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager v2.2

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 3:45 pm

style changes

After several requests, the titles have been made left-justified. This required some restructuring of the page elements so that the necessary styles could be applied (it’s harder than it should be to create fixed-width layouts without using tables). All the sorting routines had to be tweaked to accomodate the changed structure.

You may also notice:

  • The “Releases on DVD” part of an unreleased title’s availability is now removed. This keeps the release date text from bleeding into the star column. (I think the text used to be different, something like “Available on …”)
  • The BOB function seems to have benefited from the structure changes. In IE, BOB appears in the proper place. In Firefox, the horizontal position is still incorrect, but now it appears to the far left. This is an improvement though, as now the BOB now won’t appear over the current cursor position. Update: since first posting the change the BOB now appears to be working fine in both IE and Firefox, so perhaps Netflix tweaked their positioning code a bit.

As usual, if you’ve previously used the Manager you may need to to a cache reset to see the new features properly.

Full instructions on installation and usage is located here.

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June 22, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager Sorting Updated

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 10:21 am


The Netflix Queue Manager sorting capability has been expanded. In addition to the star sort, you can now sort by title, genre, and availability. The collating sequence for availability is Now, Short Wait, Long Wait, Very Long Wait, then unreleased.

Also, a new page has been added to provide installation and usage information for the Manager. If you are trying the Manager for the first time, refer to this page for complete details.

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June 19, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager with BOB

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 2:32 am


Support has been added for “BOB”.

This is the mouseover pop-up you see with the movie summary. The positioning of the BOB is a little bit off. In Firefox the BOB is correctly positioned vertically, but not horizontially. In IE the vertical positioning is off as well, but it’s still usable, as long as you aren’t too close to the bottom of the browser window.

As usual, you may need to do a browser cache reset to see the new features.

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June 17, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager now shows Genre and Availability

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 9:56 am


The Manager will now show the Genre and Availability data for titles in the queue. If you don’t see this data then you’ll need to refresh the browser cache.

Once things are updated your queue should show you this:

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